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Integrated development environment for editing, debugging and testing software
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Komodo IDE is an integrated development environment that allows editing, debugging and testing software. The tool supports various languages and platforms, including but not restricted to JavaScript, HTML, Node.js, HTML, XML, Perl, PHP and Python. It has a nice interface layout, not very different from those of other IDEs. It is good that you can start with a template and that there are tabs that allow working on various documents simultaneously.

As other tools of the same type, Komodo IDE helps you write code by highlighting syntactic structures and suggesting options to complete lines automatically. Moreover, it allows other common operations as searching and replacing and indenting lines. It also lets you explore code structure in a hierarchical way as well as debugging it by creating test plans. It is quite convenient that you can preview web code on your default web browser. Good news is that the program’s capabilities can be expanded through add-ons. In this respect, there is even a community of developers.

Despite its many advantages, this product also has some limitations. One of them is related to the supported languages. For example, Java or C#, two major programming languages, do not appear on the list. But, anyway, some experts claim that the idea of having an all-purpose integrated development environment may be becoming obsolete, as there is a trend to use IDEs that are specific for every platform.

All in all, Komodo IDE is just another option for programmers. I will not discourage you from giving it a try. Although the product may be unaffordable for some, you should know that there is a free version, called Komodo Edit, which may work for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Automatic code completion
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Addon support
  • Allows debugging and live previewing
  • Various templates available


  • Some major languages are not supported
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